CoA founder Bernadett Siklosi

Bernadett Narwal

Change of Air was founded by Award-Winning Beautician, Skincare Specialist and Alternative Therapist (BTTI), Bernadett Narwal.

Bernadett’s grandparents strongly believed in cultivating their own plants to create herbal remedies and essential oils. Their wisdom was passed down through the generations to Bernadett, who has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps – amassing a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the use of herbs and oils in preventing and treating illnesses.

Change of Air’s nasal oils and balms are a product of that knowledge. In 2014, Bernadett’s son became unwell and developed a fever after flying. From that point on, she mixed up her grandmother’s recipes and applied it to the entire family before and during travel. No-one has been sick as a result of travelling since.

Bernadett is passionate about her products and customer satisfaction is paramount to her. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, she would be more than happy to help. In her own words, “I want people to feel good when they use my products.”

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